Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mommy's Need a Break too!

As many of you know, Hail has been teething. Anyone with a child knows the pain of teething.... They scream, cry, throw fits, they want up, they don't want up, they don't want to be on their back, on their tummy, or play with any of their toys. they hurt, and because of it, you hurt too. It's painful to be the single mommy of a teething child. to make matters all the worse, he is also having growing pains.

For me, this means that I was up off and on all. night. long. I strongly believe this is the possible cause of shaken baby syndrome, SIDS and child abuse. When mommy doesn't get sleep, nobody is happy. I don't like being unhappy, it makes me feel like a shitty parent. Yelling at my kid doesn't do any good, although I did it :( Leaving him to cry in his crib to take a nap doesn't work because he screams bloody murder and sounds like I'm beating him savagely. Overall the last few days have been beyond stressful for me!

Thank god for parents! my mom is taking him for the night. This is his first over night visit as well as my first night without him. Sadly, instead of going to do something kid free, I'm staying at home to work.. I'm lame I know :) That's okay though, Thursdays are usually my day off so anything I make today is just bonus for Hail and I. The real fun comes this Saturday when I have a date!

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Mandy said...

I am so glad they took him for you! Everyone needs a break.


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