Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I have not written on my blog nearly as often as I wanted to. I have been overwhelmed with parenting an active and fussy little one as well as everyday life, working and all other life's attempts. We have survived Hail's first birthday, Halloween and now we are approaching Thanksgiving. I'm not sure what we are going to do for the holiday but I'm sure that it is gonna be a little rough.

Some of the challenges we are experiencing include; separation anxiety, "mommy neediness," not walking, not really talking, not using sippy cups or making huge attempts to hold his own bottle (he's starting to work on it but gets pissy because he hasn't figured out that he has to tip his head back), not wanting to eat table food or feed himself,and not sleeping well at night or nap-time. He throws a huge fit each time it is time to sleep and he wants to go to bed at 6PM, which means he is getting up around 3AM. I have tried and fought him to stay up longer and the couple times I succeeded, he still woke up that 3AM :/

Other than all that, things have been going well. We got our own place in Portland. We live with an awesome guy who loves us, and all the bills are getting paid. What more can you ask for right? Here's a recent picture of the little one on Halloween.

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