Friday, July 29, 2011


Well, summer hasn't been all that I hoped that it would be this year. It has been largely in part to my horrible work schedule as well as the fact that the weather here has been less than summery. It seems that it can't decide what it wants to do- one day it will be sultry and nearly 90 degrees and the next it's overcast and looks like it's going to rain.
"Dear Mother Nature,
Make up your mind.
I guess it's a good thing that Hail is still too young to really understand or enjoy the summertime. Hopefully he does once he gets a little older- maybe next year. I find it funny when he wrinkles his little nose when the sun is in his face and he crinkles his forehead when rain falls on it. I sure do hope that he learns to walk before the height of fall. I want to teach him to "leaf crunch".

Here are a couple photos from the highlights of our summer so far.

In the first photo, he was swimming in his first swimming pool.
In the second photo, we were playing with circus animals on the floor on a cloudy day.
In the third picture, he is enjoying his first river trip, squishing sand between his fingers.

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how many time i do not do what i want to do but do what i dont want to do


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