Sunday, April 1, 2012

Say a little prayer

Well, it has been a long hard road, but Raph's grandma passed on last night. Please say a prayer for their family. I find the whole ordeal to be quite unnecessary in many aspects. She was being cared for by his aunt-- she lived in their home. When she felt that it was getting to be too much she simply stopped giving her proper care. She paid no mind to the fact that she needed a low sodium diet, which caused fluid to build up in her lungs. She wasn't eating because she knew it was going to make her sick and because she wasn't eating she was becoming delusional and wasn't sleeping. Each time this would happen, she would be placed in hospice for a week at a time where they were release her once she was doing better.
The doctors would say,"well there isn't anything we can do," instead of trying to put her on an IV and give her nourishment that way. They wanted to turn off her pace maker and let her go when her heart would stop. The woman had the worst care. Unfortunately, Raph and I couldn't care for her with a 1.5 years old and living on the 3rd story, she'd never make it up and down the stairs, she could barely walk as it was she was so frail. The overall care and treatment that she received makes me want to hurt somebody, honestly. I feel she suffered far more than was necessary. Raph's sister and mom couldn't care for as they care for their ailing grandpa who lives with them. His sisters are still in high school and his mom works 12 hour shifts. The care she needed round the clock and she wasn't getting it. She should have been put in a nursing home instead of a hospice. Had she have gotten the care she needed, she would have lived longer.
I am really surprised that Raph isn't grieving the way I would have thought. His grandma and he were really close when he was younger. Until the last couple of years he saw her daily and would go to church with her every Sunday. His theory is that there is no use getting upset about people passing on because it happens every day. While I do agree and find this to be true, I know when my grandpa died, I bawled like a baby for days. He didn't see his grandma in her final hours, but he did shed a few tears when he got the call. Then went back to playing video games and killing zombies. I suppose that we all grieve differently, and it's an important thing tool to have.
For today, my prayers go out to the Whitfield family and those that knew Emma Whitfield.


C. Mahan said...

I am sorry for your loss. I know this is a hard time.

Shay Jordan said...

I'm so sorry! I will keep you in my prayers and thoughts. I know that people do grieve differently and maybe it hasn't hit him yet?

Sheltie Times said...

Sadly, lots of people don't know how to ask for the help they need. I have had to intervene and find the help for relatives and it is never an easy journey.

As others have said grief is a different path for everyone. Some people are hit at the time, others it comes much later when they've dealt with other things that seem more pressing at the time.

My prayers are with your family as you travel this path. May all of you find peace and healing.

Mandy said...

I am so sorry Nicole!


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