Sunday, February 13, 2011

Compounding Problems

Lately, I have had several issues with being able to find the time to work on the things that I really want. I have had issues with meeting deadlines, working on things that will ultimately bring me the most long lasting income, or even work on things that I need to to help build my new business I am trying to create for myself. But now, a new problem has arisen. My computer, the new one that I just purchased in July is having problems. Half the time it doesn't want to work.

At first I thought it was an overheating problem as the computer gets hot and the fan is rather small. so, I purchased an external fan for the computer. The downside is that I can barely use it because it runs off of a usb and it slows the computer even more. So much so that when it is plugged in, the computer will freeze whether you are using the internet or updating my spreadsheet. The problem it was having was an issue with freezing. It will start up and work for a couple of moments and then it freezes, same as with the fan being plugged in. Admittedly, I work this computer like a slave. At first I thought that it was just bogged down, but when I deleted most everything and moved it to an external hard drive, it didn't do any good.

So, I have no idea what is exactly wrong with my computer but it is a complete hindrance when it decides to crap out. I have gotten WAY behind in work because of it and I am trying to catch up the best I can. So, if you don't see me, I'll be impatiently sitting next to the mailbox form y tax return so I can purchase a new computer.


Mia said...

When it rains, it pours. Hope you get your check soon. I am waiting on mine too. Hope everytihng gets better for ya!

Mandy said...

That really sucks! I do hope that you get a good deal on a new one at least.

Cindy Kates said...

You should buy a computer and not a notebook this time. If you are going to use it to support your business you need one that will take what you dish out. Contact where you bought it and see if they have had any returns with that problem. Secondly, have a back up computer especially when dealing with your business. Hope your check comes soon, how come you didn't have it direct deposited? It would have been here by now. Hope you are able to get the car you want as well sweetie. Love you lots. Keep us informed.

Unknown said...

My refund won't even be processed until tomorrow because of the new tax laws that go into effect tomorrow. Some of the refunds I get were affected by the new laws so it was being held. I did contact them and they said that there was no reported problems with such but now that I have it sitting propped up it's been working fine for now, hopefully it can just hold out a little big longer and I'll be good.


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