Saturday, February 19, 2011

Handmade With Love

I love handmade items. As a crafter myself, I feel that it's important to support others in what they do so that they will keep doing it. That is why, when I went to my parenting class on Thursday, I HAD to have the hand quilted diaper bag that I saw. As many parents of an infant know, there is a lot of stuff you have to carry around with you anytime you go somewhere with the infant. You have to make sure that you have an ample stock of diapers, wipes, baby powder and formula. Not to mention a change of clothes for the baby, a shirt for yourself, burb rags, bibs, a toy, teethers, a snack if they are to the point that they eat them and a small blanket never hurts either- those bathroom changing tables are gross! Because of this need to carry the baby's room with you everywhere you go, a big diaper bag is essential. For Christmas, my sister gave me a new diaper bag that had more pockets but wasn't really much bigger. I rocked it for awhile until this beauty came along :)

I LOVE THIS BAG. Not only is the red and yellow giraffe and elephant design super cute, but I can fit everything in it that I want to and still have a little extra room. The sewing is quality and thick which is nice since carrying all of your child's belongings can get heavy! I have always wanted to learn to quilt but I never found anyone that was able to teach me. The one place in town that has a quilting club requires that you have all your own equipment which I don't have, so for the time being it's a distant goal to work toward.

I don't know who made this bag except that it was a church friend of the awesome lady that does my classes. I'm sure that the bag was handmade with love as all items that are handmade usually are. So when I'm out and about and someone asks me who made my bag, I will be telling them, "I don't know but I know she made it with love because I love it!"

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Mandy said...

That sounds great! I love a nice homemade anything :-0


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