Tuesday, March 13, 2012

50 Book challenge- Book 10- Chocolate Covered Murder

I love a good murder mystery as most anyone else does. Leslie Meier is one of my favorite writers for this because she has built a believable character in Lucy Stone, the Tinker's Cove, Maine news reporter turned snoop. Not only does she love to get a good story for her local newspaper that she works at, but she is also a pretty good detective, getting people to answer questions that the police miss or cant get an answer for.

Chocolate Covered Murder was no exception to this rule. It is true that Max may have fell through the ice while ice fishing at night. That doesn't explain why he was wrapped in his own fishing tackle before going in. Tamzin was a floozy that flaunted her overly large chest to every man in town, including Lucy's husband, Bill. That didn't mean that she deserved to be found dead and covered in chocolate. While Lucy struggles to keep up with her reporting job, take care of her family, and bake a fabulous dessert while on a diet, she also really wants to solve this murder.

In the end, not only does she solve the double murder, but she also finds the person responsible for smuggling drugs into her town and distributing them to all the kids in the area.

If you like a good murder mystery with a heroic lead character, Leslie Meier's Lucy Stone series is the perfect one for you. To date, there are over 20 books in the series, I've read every one and they always get better than the last.

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