Friday, March 16, 2012

I Wish I had Some Ink

I really don't know how I have lived as long as I have without ink in my printer. I have a nice Canon color printer sitting in my office area, one I can't use because I have no ink for it. I don't know if the price of ink has skyrocketed, or they have discontinued my printer, but I can't find ink for it anywhere. The one time that I did, it was way too expensive to justify purchasing.

I have seen coupons on line, coloring pages my son would love, and I would love to print off a copy of my taxes for my own records. I could do so at the library, but it would cost me $0.10 a page and that is only if what you are printing is approved by the librarian. I'm nearly positive she wouldn't allow me to print coloring pages and coupons on their printers. Also, you are only allowed to have a total of 10 copies of anything per day. Because I now live in Oregon which has a separate state tax, I would have to print my taxes over 3 days to print off one full copy!

I think it is time to buy a new printer when my financial aid comes in for school. One that is smaller and has cheaper, more widely available ink. In most cases, I believe you can still get a cartridge of ink with your new printer...


Sheltie Times said...

My DH does a cartridge trade in program with staples. It isn't a great deal, but it helps give us money back to buy the next ones as we go through quite a few as well.

C. Mahan said...

I used to do the Staples program too! But now the store is a 30 minute drive. We have 2 printers now so we started buying our ink from places like 123ink. I go through Fatwallet or MyPoints to earn cash back or points towards a gift card.


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