Monday, March 12, 2012

My neighbors are hoarders

Since I moved into my condo, I always knew that the neighbors that lived behind my complex were trashy. They always allowed their 4 kids to run around buck naked if they felt, (on a busy street no less!) their yard is full of cigarette butts, and the trash bins that line the side of the house are overflowing. Last week, they moved out, claiming that it was time to get out of the neighborhood because of its declining atmosphere. Perhaps in the 10 years they have destroyed their rental home the neighborhood has declined but it sure hasn't since I moved here.

I knew that something was wrong with their house when the Oregon State health department showed up last week to inspect. Recently, the family has had Aaron's and Rent-A-Center bringing over a lot of furniture and appliances. It is my only guess that one of the delivery people called about the condition of their house. When they moved out, they didn't seemingly take much, probably because there wasn't much left to take except the things they have rented to own.

The day after they left, A very large dumpster showed up in the driveway. A few hours later, people were dressed in painter's clothes and breathing masks and started to shovel. Everything in the house, including tiling, doors, pieces of walls, and other things started piling up in the dumpster. It didn't take long to fill the first two, then a third appeared and is mostly full now. One of the workers told me the other day that the house will more than likely be condemned because of the condition it is in. When walking to the corner store on Friday, I had to walk right passed their house. There were no doors left to hold back the smell and garbage, it was atrocious! The smell emanating from the house was enough to make the strongest stomach turn. The walls were covered half way up in what looked like toxic black mold and dirt.

The saddest part of all of this is that this family has small children. One of them approximately 5 and the other no more than 2 or 3. I honestly don't understand how people can allow their houses to get that bad. Especially a house they are renting and doesn't even belong to someone. While I may not be the cleanest person ever, I am at least pleased to say my house doesn't smell, my floors and everything else is moderately clean and my house is safe for a toddler to be in.


Sheltie Times said...

Actually I think it has to do with the fact they don't own it and feel no responsiblity for it. I've known landlords who have tried to get rid of tenants like this and short of getting the place condemed it is very challenging.

Unknown said...

That is so awful. I live in a condo, too, and this lady would throw her old stuff from the fridge out the window! Rocket stuck his head in a bush--I thought to look at a bunny or something--and he ate bad ham she threw in there. Next think you know, he was bleeding from mouth and other end. He almost died and he was in ICU for 3 weeks to the tune of $7,000. Happened right before I got laid off 3 years ago...and he has been sick ever since. I complained for two years and no one did anything. Finally it stopped when someone picked up 16 rolls she threw out the window and hung them on her front door.

C. Mahan said...

If it were me, I would have called social services to report it. I am sure it wont take long before the place they are going to ends up looking like the one they left behind. If no one from any of the work crews has called, someone should.

Unknown said...

Sadly, it was reported and now the house has to be condemned because of the horrible condition it is in. If you have to go in wearing hazmat suits that's bad.


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