Thursday, March 22, 2012

Motivate me

Lately I have had no motivation for anything. Yesterday I tried to sit down and do some work. I got one article done before I decided that I wanted to test some recipes then make dinner. Because I have been procrastinating at work, I now have 14 articles I need to do which will more than likely not all be getting done today because there is no possible way for me to humanly do that.

I really want that Dragon Naturally Speaking program that will allow me to talk through my article instead of having to write them down. That is part of what trips me up and slows me down. Not only do I not type as fast as my brain thinks of the stuff, but I would much rather be playing with Hail, something I don't get to do when I have to work. I get up early to work before him, but by the time I'm done checking emails and writing my blog post, he's up and I haven't done any work yet. If I wait until he goes to bed, then I have another 2 hours to work before I start getting tired and need to go to bed. Because of school, I miss nap time to work. Although, he has started telling me that he doesn't need a nap. Then, this happens:

It's cute but exhausting. I really need a job that will pay me all day to do nothing. I thought about going into child care so that I could play with my son all day but that would require me to hang out with other people's children all day and I have found since becoming a mom that I don't like a lot of other people's children. They aren't mine, they don't listen well and I can't really discipline them so I just have to deal with bad behavior. No thank you.

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C. Mahan said...

When I first started writing for money everything distracted me. Outside noise, the cat, the dogs, the now husband, his daughter, the phone, name it, it was there for me to become distracted by.

I finally got a system that worked for me. I did use Dragon for a while, then I got a laptop that had Windows 7 which had dictation built in. It was a pain to set up at first.

Now I am doing a lot of other things besides writing, so I don't use dictation much. I find I am a much faster typer than I was 4 years ago.


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