Monday, March 26, 2012

Getting Crafty

Yesterday I decided to make the executive decision that I am no longer going to work on weekends any more. While I love my job and the topics I write about, I feel that I spend far too much time working and not enough time doing anything else. My two channels that do exceptionally well are crafts and food. While my family eats a home-cooked meal at least twice a day, I feel as if I am not getting to do enough "testing" and playing around with my crafts and food as I would like. The thing that I really miss is getting to crochet and work on my clay jewelry.

I used to have a booming business on Etsy selling my handmade items, them the arthritis set in in my wrists. For a long while I had to stop production and stop crocheting because it was too much to handle after a couple of rows. Now, I feel that I am at a point that I can manage with some Excedrin before and my wrist braces, if needed. I really want to make more hats and scarves, seeing as how, in this crappy weather they may be needed all throughout the summer months.

Yesterday, I spent my day on a pattern hunt and found exactly what I was looking for-- I was so excited, I sat down, copied the patterns all down on paper (because I still don't have any ink) and went digging in my box of colors. Unfortunately, I found that I didn't have all the colors of yarn I needed to make a single project. That was a huge bummer. Raph and I talked about it yesterday, because he knows that this is something I really wanna do and I know could make me great money, and we have decided that when we get our Oregon State taxes back, I get to spend $100 on yarn. YAY HAPPY DANCE!!!! I plan on buying one of every color I can get my hands on. I have a wide array of projects I wanna do, so I was thinking the one pounder yarn skeins would be awesome, but it's too bad they don't make them in every color. :(


Sheltie Times said...

I love the One Pounders. I've also started to love the Bernat Super Savers as they are softer than Red Heart and have some wonderful colors. Check for the sales. There are always yarn sales going on at AC Moore, Joann's, Michaels, and while we don't have one local Hobby Lobby. There are coupons and even phone apps for more coupons. Email lists bring more sale info and even more coupons to help you build your yarn stash.

I also find the Senior Centers and Churches have some good deals on yarn when they have their sales. Lots of times people donate their stashes and I've picked up some decent supplies that way as well.

Unknown said...

@ Bailey- Joann's is having a super awesome sale on the one ponders, and my favorite Caron's Simply soft yarns. And the fun fur is also on sale which I need for the Elmo and Cookie Monster hats I was planning on making my son. I just have to wait for my money to get here *sigh*.

Also, I just signed up for Joann's student discount program where I get an extra few coupons in the mail and 10% off my total purchase each time I show my student ID. I'm super excited about that one!

C. Mahan said...

I was just going to tell you about the JoAnns student discount! LOL. I tend to find a lot at our local Goodwills. I have a friend who knits and sells on Etsy so I usually buy it for her because I am so busy with life that by the time I am done typing for work all day , my hands cant handle the crocheting and I did not do well with knitting. I did get my sewing machine repaired and got a table for it. I do have a lot of yarn saved up. I figure when I graduate I will have more time and I will be glad I made the sale purchases. I also got this really cool knitting machine 2 Christmas's ago that someday I actually plan to use. I am horrible when it comes to making time for myself. My big thing is papers. I love craft papers and scrapbook type things.


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