Saturday, January 22, 2011

Uggh... TAXES

Today, I spent nearly all day long doing taxes. This is one chose that I hate each year until my tax return comes. I had to do them THREE times because of complications and programs that wouldn't allow me to change things. However, I am FINALLY done! Not only that, but the program that I used let me file my FAFSA all at the same time since I could just attach it to my taxes and send it all off at once.

This year was the first time that I worked the entire year as self employed. I didn't know what I should expect, but because of Hail, I was able to have a fairly large return- more than what I was expecting. There were many deductions that I did not saving receipts for until the middle of the year, therefore, I didn't bother to claim those deductions. This year, I was unable to itemize because of my lack of deductions, but next year, for sure I will be able to.

TurboTax refused to let me make any changes. For anyone that follows me that is self employed, I do not recommend using TurboTax or HR Block- to file self employed, you have to pay for their service. TaxAct- the program that I finally decided to go with not only lets you make changes, but suggests how you can save money on your taxes, lets you fill out your FAFSA, and is completely free to file electronically. The only complaint that I have about TaxAct is that instead of showing you when you are in the clear by changing color- the little box stays orange and the little word that says owe turns to refund.

I am glad to finally have my taxes completed and out of the way. I made more than I was expecting to and the money that I made will be going toward getting myself a car- something that I desperately need- taking the bus is not only difficult when you need to keep appointments but is also confusing and frustrating when you have a little one to take with you.

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Mandy said...

I just got mine done. Luckily I didn't work enough last year to cut into our return much.


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