Friday, January 7, 2011

You Just Can't Have Nice Things

Today I have come to the realization that whether it is children or pets, as a parent, you just can't have nice things. My cat, Moo, I live him dearly- he is my first child- decided to run around the house like a bat out of hell this evening and ended up breaking 2 of my snow globes. I love snow globes. I find them to be unique with their songs, and small stories that each one tells, so I collect them. I had a beautiful snow globe of two bunnies hedging trees in the garden and an equally gorgeous Alice in Wonderland snow globe depicting the scene where Alice meets the caterpillar and he blows her smoke rings asking, "Who are you?". The Alice in Wonderland played Nocturne by Chopin while the bunny snow globe played a song called in my garden. They are no more.

Because I was holding Hail in the rocking chair next to the bookshelf that the snow globes sat atop, I had to do everything to make sure that he didn't get hurt. I had to throw myself around him and let the cat attack my arm as he tried to tiptoe around the glass that he broke and avoid the glitter, which I am still convinced, is the herpes of the crafting world. Once it gets on you, it never goes away.Hail was a little shaken by the sudden craziness, and he cried, of course. I on the other hand will more than likely have to go to the doctor at some point this weekend to get a tetanus shot to make sure that these deep scratches on my upper arm do not become infected.

So, for this momma, lesson learned. As a parent, I can no longer have nice things. There is no place high enough for anything of value to sit where it will still remain valuable.

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