Monday, January 2, 2012

Gah! Sick!

Well I am starting my new year off sick. My sinuses are KILLING me. To make it all worse, I feel as if my whole head is swimming above me, disconnected from my body. I definitely don't feel up to doing anything, so blogging will be it for me today. I didn't improve anything either by doing a bunch of running around on the bus today either. Here was my day;
We went to the college to pick up books, only to find that the college was closed. The trip out wasn't a complete bust; however, because we were meeting someone to sell an old phone. Then we went to Raph's mom's house so that Hail could see his "girlfriend" and doggies. We stopped at the post office, but they were closed, then decided that we were tired and hungry. We went to the Village Inn for breakfast. They have some pretty good food, although my bacon and mushroom omelet could have gone with a little less holendaise sauce. When I came home, my head hurt so bad that I took a nap.

This brings me to my topic of this blog, time management. When you work from home, it is all too simple to say, I can rearrange my schedule and work whenever. Well too many days of taking time out to grocery shopping, going to the post office, whatever, will lead to nothing ever getting done. I also have a little kiddo so I don't have much time for anything as it is.... Tomorrow I also have a busy day since I have to go back to the post office to mail my packages and back to the school to pick up books. I also have to go grocery shopping which is always a 2 hour event or longer. So my question to all of you is; when you have the availability to change your schedule as you need and you do, how do you stay organized and manage your time so everything isn't rushed and you feel behind?

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C. Mahan said...

What I hate about working from home is that people think that just because you CAN rearrange your schedule that you SHOULD. It has taken me years to tell people that I have stuff to do to make money and I don't want to do it at midnight. On a side note, sorry you are starting the new year off sick!


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