Saturday, January 14, 2012

I've Been Slacking

For the last two days I have not written on my blog. Seeing this, I admit, I am a little upset with myself over it. Thursday night, I had a long night as Raph doesn't get home from school until nearly 10 PM. Hail and I hung out, however, he was super tired since he had NO nap all day. The rest of Thursday was devoted to finishing up homework and trying to find a schedule that was going to accommodate my mass amount of homework I have this week as well as getting some work done. I hope that I can do it all. I have nearly 350 pages of text books to read this week!

Friday was a nice day spent at home. Hail and I played itsy bitsy spider for a couple hours. That's his new song and he is getting pretty good at doing the hand motions and mumbling in tune. :) We went to the grocery store and picked up a few staples we were running low on as well as stopped at the library and picked up the second and third book in my series that I reading for the 50 book challenge right now. I couldn't wait to start reading, which is exactly what I did during nap time.

When Hail went to bed, Raph and I watched Contagion. It was a good movie right up until the very end. The ending was really lame and I was expecting something much more dramatic based on how the rest of the movie went. It really made me think though; If I were to come down with an airborne illness such as this unnameable disease they were dealing with, who would I infect? Would they be able to survive? How would it effect everyone I know?

Well today is a fun filled day planned. We are going to ride the max to the Lloyd Center Mall. As Hail calls it, it's a train. He will get to play on the kiddie play area with other kids his age and I am getting a new pair of plugs for my ears. Time to go make some coffee!

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