Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Laundry Help From the Anti-Laundry Fairy

It is no secret that I hate doing laundry. I get no enjoyment or satisfaction from washing, drying, and folding clothes that I will inevitably have to re-fold because Hail has tried to "help" mommy. Doing laundry stresses me out, frankly. No matter what I do, there is always at least one sock missing. Right now, I have five errant socks sitting on my armchair because they have lost their mate. I have looked in the bedrooms, in the laundry basket, behind the couch and furniture, behind the washer and dryer- everywhere they could possibly be. I am sure that the laundry monster has eaten them.

Because of my overall dislike for doing the laundry, I have even started hanging my clothes. Unless I can stuff it in a drawer and not worry about folding it, I will not, everything hangs. However, I cannot do this with my socks. No matter how hard I try, I cannot avoid sock folding. I tried just loosely stuffing them in a drawer, but it seemed as if I was losing more socks than I did in the washer/ dryer. Then I learned of a few nifty tricks to help keep socks together. When I tried it, I was relieved to find that all my socks were there, but displeased that I still had to fold them all. Here are the few laundry tips I learned;

* Throw all your socks in a mesh sack before putting them in the washer. The sack can be washed, your socks get clean, and they all stay together.
* When you want to make your clothes fluffier while cutting your dryer time in half, put a few tennis balls in the dryer. They act as a dryer sheet and you do not have to buy new ones once you have established your dryer ball.
* If you have a problem with your animals, especially cats, trying to sleep in your laundry basket, place a few dryer sheets in there. My cat used to try to pee in the laundry basket because she was mad that I would put things in her bed. Cats hate the static and will choose somewhere else to lie.

All these tips have helped make my laundry experiences a little easier; however, I still have not found the cure for completely avoiding laundry. If anyone can help me here, it would be appreciated.

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Sheltie Times said...

They have sock pins that look like clothes pins. I don't use them, but it might we worth investigating if they are driving you nuts. Our sock monster is not that bad so we haven't lost too many socks. We also primarily buy the same colors and brands so we can mix and match as they die off or are lost.


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