Saturday, January 7, 2012

The Importance of Office Organization

This is an office. This isn't my office, but if I had one at the moment, I would hope that it would look as neat and organized as this. Since I moved to my new apartment, I am currently using the breakfast nook as my desk. I don't even have a desk right now. My apartment is only 800 square feet, most of which has been delegated to the bathroom and the bedrooms. I have a tiny dining room which would be my office if I had one. Right now, it serves as a play room for Hail while we are in the living room. Since he doesn't really have any playmates, he doesn't like to play in his room so he has a corner of the living room that he plays in.

My tiny "office" space is a mess. I have pens, books, diapers and all kinds of things strewn about my already tiny space. I was looking for something earlier and I kept thinking to myself how much easier it would be to find if I had an office and a desk to put important things on. Then, I realized that that is exactly what I said about using the breakfast nook. "Things will stay organized if I have a smaller space to work with." How I wish that were true.

If I had a whole office, I could have a desk to organize things. A bookshelf to keep the books on and a comfortable chair to sit in, where my feet will touch the ground, while I'm working.

I just filed my taxes the other day and I couldn't find any of the documents that I wanted so that I could do so. If I had more room I could actually sit comfortably and pay more attention to the work that I'm doing instead of worrying that my feet are asleep from dangling off the ground and is my computer going to fall onto the counter behind it. *Sigh* I wish I had an office so that I could be more organized.

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C. Mahan said...

I share a bedroom turned with my husband. We both have L shaped desks and a bookcase. We pretty much take up the whole room. He is messy. I am a neat freak. I seriously want to put a wall up between the room so I don't have to look at his mess. LOL. Since I work from home I do have to share the office during the day with 2 dogs and a cat. My desk is messy but organized. I know right where everything is, but its extremely cluttered!LOL I tell my husband I find inspiration here leave me alone!


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