Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I have always been a type of person that can't sleep if a room is too warm. Because I have a very hot blooded, hairy beast of a man that I share my bed with, I hardly EVER turn the heat on in my bedroom because it just gets so hot in there. Unfortunately, this flaw of my sleeping habits is what has been keeping me sick. :(

We discovered today that the reason for our sickness is that there was some mold growing on the window sill in the bedroom. The window sill is literally against the head of my bed. I do believe, as I have a pretty severe mold allergy that this is what has caused us to get sick. We have rectified the situation by cleaning the window sill with bleach and turning the heat on, however, I am not happy that now my room is going to be stifling and I will have to pay a higher electric bill.

I suppose for my health, it is the best, I just feel grouchy about it.


Mandy said...

Oh no, but so glad you found it!

Jessica said...

Cold rooms can cause mold??? I should probably go check my windows then because we actually use the air (and a fan) while we sleep. The old lady below us keeps her heat at around 75 degrees so it gets ridiculously hot in our apartment if we don't use the air.

Unknown said...

Yep, the colder the room is, if the windows can condensate it will turn to mold on the window sill. I had been sleeping with my head right in it and never thought twice about it because I can't sleep in the heat.


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