Wednesday, February 15, 2012

50 Book Challenge- Book 4- Husk

Recently, I took a chance on a new author that I had never heard of before. His name is Matthew Hults. Husk was his first book.

This is what the publisher had to say about it:
Serial killer Kale Kane has finally died, having survived five years in a coma after a shootout with police. But is his reign of terror truly over? When he died, Kane took the reasons for his atrocities with him, along with the answer to a question police never got to ask: did he work alone?

Mallory Wiess is a typical teenage girl… or so it seems. When she moves to rural Minnesota with her father and younger brother, she quickly discovers her new home won’t be as boring as she’d feared. Who is the dark figure watching her from the house across the street? What is the shape hanging in the shadows of the old barn behind the neighborhood? And why has someone begun digging up graves at the ancient cemetery in the forest? Soon Mallory will learn the truth. For she has attracted the attention of a killer, a ruthless predator who believes only her death will finish the work Kale Kane began, and unleash an evil that has faded into legend. In the end, one night will decide if the dead will rise. "

This book was a great read. I picked it up on my Kindle for $9.99, thinking that this book would be about zombies. I started reading, and immediately, I was hooked. The book is more of a paranormal thriller than a book about zombies, but it was still a good read. Matt has a way with words that leave you on the edge of your seat, always wanting more.

The only complaints I have about this book is that there are several grammatical errors, almost as if the editing job was a little rushed so that the book could be published. The ending kind of gave the same vibe as well. While the story was complete, the ending seemed lame compared to the rest of the phenomenal story. The characters were nicely depicted, and I could see them in my mind's eye.

For anyone that loves a good thrill, this book is definitely worth a try. I am dyslexic and a very slow reader and I was able to finish this book in two days.


Sheltie Times said...

Sounds like a good read. That is one of my frustrations with the push to publish. Editing is still needed for a book to have a finished feel.

C. Mahan said...

As a book reviewer for Random House and some other larger publishing houses, this is not a problem. As a reviewer for Indie authors I find this problem more often than I should. I always politely tell them what I think of their story but that it was hard to read with all of errors and that if they send it off to an editor and wish for a free review to update my original, I will do that. Works out pretty well. Some Indie authors get so excited to publish they skip a few steps.

Unknown said...

Sadly, the book did go through a publisher. The publisher stated in the book intro that he was so excited to get it published he bugged the author until he did it.


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