Wednesday, February 29, 2012

50 Book Challenge- Book 7- Zombie Cinderella

My 7th book of this challenge was a short novel called Zombie Cinderella. It was a featured title on my Kindle for free. I am now a firm believer that every fairy tale should be a zombie story.

Zombie Cinderella was a fantastic story of her fairy dead-mother scratching her in the cemetery after her father's funeral. She walks home after being left by her step-family and notices that the town seems more deserted than ever before. Once home, her step-mother immediately strips her of her fancy things and her dignity and makes her a maid. Her step-sisters make her life as a maid hell on earth before leaving for the ball.

Cinderella dies from the pain and torture she endures during the short time between her father's funeral and her sisters leaving for the ball. After a few hours, she is awoken. Alive and hungry, she goes in search of her stepmother, to eat her brains.

This was an awesome read. I am a firm believer in the zombie apocalypse- what, with all the medications, nuclear damage that can be done, deformities, and ever grown number of harmful contagions in our world it seems entirely likely- and this story is just another prime example of how we can still retain memories after death. Think carefully of how you treat the living, they may come after you when they are dead.

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