Friday, February 17, 2012

Water, Water, Everywhere, But Never a Drop to Drink

Admittedly, I do not drink a fraction of the amount of water that I should. I give Hail lots of water to drink, most of which he thinks is for spitting out in fountain form. I am beginning to think that he sees water as a play toy instead of a nourishing entity that he needs to consume to stay healthy. That is irrelevant, however, this post isn't about him, it's about me.

Most days I am incredibly tired, and consume large quantities of Coke and coffee to stay awake throughout the day. While I recognize that water is a nourishing entity that my body needs, it is usually the last thing that I go for when I'm thirsty. Many have told me that drinking water will give me more energy, make me feel less hungry and several other healthful benefits. When it comes down to it, I just can't do it. :( Water tastes boring. I think this is my biggest reason for not drinking it. I can use those flavor packets to add to my water but then I feel it is cheating because I'm not really drinking water any longer. I have tried the prepackaged flavor waters (Life Water, Safeway Select waters (the carbonated ones), Vitamin Water) and all of them leave a nasty taste in my mouth.

I realized that I am nearly dehydrated yesterday when I was on my home from school. After dropping Hail off, I have a 3 block walk to the bus stop so that I can go to school. On my way home, there is a slight hill. While walking up the hill my calves started to seize and it became increasingly painful to walk. A huge concern that I am now thinking about it is that my mom has chronic dehydration. She can never reach over 40% hydration no mater how much water she drinks. This worries me and I don't want to end up the same. I am working of forcing myself to drink more water, but I'm finding it very difficult. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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