Sunday, February 12, 2012

Walking Dead Marathon

I love Sundays. Even though I usually spend my Sundays doing homework, preparing my work week and hanging out. It's my lazy day. Nobody expects anything of me because they know it is not gonna happen. I don't get out of my PJs and I get to just hang out.

This Sunday, a Walking Dead marathon is on of the first half of the second season. A new episode will be on at 9PM, something I have been dying to see. I love zombies, and feel that the zombie apocalypse is entirely possible. Whether zombies come about from a genetic mutation, a spirit still alive from within, or some modern medicine that changes people, it seems entirely likely. Hail likes zombies too, he laughs when he sees them and he is always entertained when he sees a zombie on TV.

Hope that everyone enjoys their lazy Sunday, I know I will.

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